The Cultural Transmission in English Translation of Sichuan Dish Names
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Cuisine culture reflects the historical traits of a nation, and it is playing a more and more important role in today's cultural communication. Dish name, which is the media, makes it explicit in the process of cuisine culture communication. Chinese food names are implications of in-depth history connotation as well as folk appeal and local customs. The naming involves practical writing techniques of realism and liberal writing styles of romanticism, which brings charms and fancy ideas to the food and establishes a platform for cross-cultural communication.At the same time, the characteristics of Sichuan dishes are their rich cultural connotation, because the Sichuan cuisine is fused with religion, culture, folk customs, reflecting a long history culture, and people's special philosophy. Sichuan cuisine cooking art is extensive and profound with a long history, and it is the testimony of splendid civilization. As a means of transferring dishes' information and culture, dish name plays an important role in foreign exchange diet culture. Therefore, we should not only translate dish names accurately, and the more important thing is that we should spread out dishes with Chinese culture, which is the responsibility and duty of the dishes as an important carrier of the sino-foreign cultural exchanges.

This thesis employs cross-cultural communication theory as the theoretical base foundation and mainly focuses on studying how to make the English translation of Sichuan dishes transfer Chinese culture. This thesis adopts content analysis and case study as research methods. It first gives a brief introduction of the background and problems of the translation of Sichuan dish names; then it explains the translation of Sichuan dish names from the perspective of cross-cultural communication. After that, it cites typical Sichuan dish names, such as “东坡肉”,“夫妻肺片” and“蚂蚁上树”to present translation methods of Sichuan dish names on the perspectives of cultural transmission. At the same time, it puts forward how to develop translators' cultural transmission consciousness when translating Sichuan dish names.

The result of this thesis will be a supplement to the literature on translation of Chinese dish names and be able to provide some reference for regulating the English translation of the dishes menu.

Key words: cuisine culture, Sichuan dish name, translation, cross-culture communication, cultural transmission

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