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This thesis firstly gives a brief introduction of AIDA principle, and then it discuss the relation between AIDA principle and Ads translation. The following is the introduction of the concept of Ads, the features of Ads translation and the relationship between AIDA principle and advertisement translation. The major part of this thesis is the application of AIDA principle in Ads translation. It analyzes the requirement for translators and their preparation for Ads translation under the guidance of AIDA principle, and discusses the application of AIDA principle in advertisement translation from the perspectives of language transformation, cultural transmission, psychological expectation and rhetorical devices. From the analysis of the AIDA principle in four aspects, this thesis concludes that translators should try their best to arouse customers’ attention and interest by taking those four factors into consideration when they translate Ads under the guidance of AIDA principle. It proves that using the AIDA principle can make translations more in line with the needs of receivers, and can help to achieve the goal of products promotion.

Keywords: AIDA principle  Ads translation  cultural transformation  psychological expectation



关键词: AIDA 原则;广告语翻译;文化传递;心理需求

1.1 Origination of AIDA
With the development of economic globalization and the further opening of the Chinese market, advertising has become an important strategy to develop market, promote products and improve services. Every element of products and services is becoming more and more important in the translation. Therefore, good wording contributes to the success of advertising, so, as an essential part of adverting, adverting translation becomes an important creative activity in business.
In recent years, most of the studies on Ads translation are from the perspective of translation theory or linguistic theories. However, in view of the special purpose of advertisement translation, more and more scholars think that the study should combine advertising theories in order to achieve better Ads translation. They try to use AIDA principle as a guide to analyze the translation of advertisements. AIDA is an acronym of attention, interest, desire and action.

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