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As the 21st century comes, as the representative of contemporary Information Technology, multimedia and the Internet are changing people's ways of life and learning at a high speed. Information Technology is an important part of school education in all kinds of schools. It’s also an important technical means of education reform.
Using the PowerPoint courseware in primary school English teaching will help improve the efficiency of learning, highlight the key and difficult point, optimize classroom teaching and enrich the teaching content. It also creates an open and interesting new teaching environment for students. However, PowerPoint courseware design should follow the principle of necessity, closely linked to the new curriculum standards. It should be scientific and practical. In addition, selecting proper PowerPoint courseware authoring software platform, using a variety of materials synthetically, seriously test, modifying and combining interactive communication in traditional teaching are also very important. Therefore, the PowerPoint courseware can be perfectly used in the primary school English teaching.

Key words: multimedia; English in primary school; computer-aided teaching

1 Introduction
This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of PPT. Nowadays, using PPT in primary English teaching has been a popular trend. It not only changes the traditional teaching methods, but also make students learn better. But there are still some disadvantages. So how to balance the advantages and disadvantages and make full use of it has been an immediate issue.
Since the reform and opening-up policy, the communication and cooperation between China and other countries are constantly strengthening. English has been a worldwide language whose status is continuously improving. Therefore, the English teaching in our whole nation shows prosperity, and in addition, the society, and parents and school have a high enthusiasm of setting up English class in primary school.

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