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Abstract and Key Words

Abstract: The paper firstly introduces different experts’ definitions of “task”, the theoretical basis and the principles of TBLT, etc. and then, focuses on the applications of TBLT to Oxford Senior English (Advance with English, Jiangsu-Edition) reading class. By introducing the main features of Advance with English (Jiangsu Version) and some samples applying TBLT to the reading class, the author points out some advantages and suggestions based on the application. The conclusion of the paper is that organizing teaching by tasks in senior high school English reading class can not only encourage the students to learn English in activities but also make the students acquire a sense of success, thus improving the efficiency of reading-teaching.

Key words: task; TBLT; Advance with English; reading lessons in senior high school



1. Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) is becoming a catchword in English circles in many countries, also in China. New English Curriculum Standard recommends implementing Task-based Approach in English teaching so as to do things with words and foster students’ comprehensive competence of using the language. It recommends “Proposing the experiencing, practicing, participating, cooperating and communicating learning styles and task-based teaching method.”. Generally speaking, this method indicates a connection of students’ soul and behavior while they deal with a reading assignment. TBLT method lays stress on learning by finishing tasks. So, the students can show their potentials in learning. The students obtain the language knowledge by utilizing it in classroom, though they have to memorize new words and grammar rules.

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