Analysis of Cooperative Principle in Gossip Girl
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United States linguist Grice believes that in all communication activities in order to achieve a specific goal, there is a tacit understanding between speaker and listener, and both sides should abide by the principle of which he called Cooperative Principle. In the process of verbal communication, in order to make effective and smooth talking, speaker and listener should take "Cooperative Principle" and comply with the four maxims.
Gossip Girl is one of the hotly televised American TV series these years. Especially, the dialogue of the characters is wonderful, thought-provoking. The dialogues and conversations in Gossip Girl are excellent examples for the English learners to imitate and study.
Based on predecessors’ theoretical research of cooperative principle, this paper analyzes dialogue in Gossip Girl from the perspectives of observation and violation of the cooperative principle in terms of four maxims. Observation and violation of cooperative principles make the dialogue witty, humorous and film characters more vivid.
Key words: Cooperative principle, Gossip Girl, four maxims, conversational implicature, humorous effect
1.    Introduction-1
2.    Demonstration1
2.1    Introduction of Cooperative Principle1
2.2    Analysis of Cooperative Principle in Gossip Girl2
2.2.1 Observation of     Cooperative Principle-2 Observation of Maxim of Quantity-3 Observation of Maxim of Quality-3 Observation of Maxim of Relation-4 Observation of Maxim of Manner5
2.2.2 Violation of Cooperative Principle in Gossip Girl6 of Maxim of Quantity-6 Violation of Maxim of Quality7 Violation of Maxim of Relation-8 Violation of Maxim of Manner9
3.  Conclusion    -9
Works cited12

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