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International business negotiation plays an important role in the import and export trade. Many powerful companies fail in international business negotiations mainly because they lack of investigations about the local culture, and ignore the influence of cultural differences in business negotiations. Cultural differences have become the main obstacles which need to overcome in business negotiations. Based on Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions, the study analyzes the cultural differences and its application in international business negotiation from a cross-cultural perspective, stating that culture differ in power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity and long/short-term orientation. The research discovers that cultural differences influence business negotiation in several aspects, including decision-making mode, negotiating process and negotiating goal. Some suggestions are drawn in order to avoid or solve the international barriers from a cross-cultural perspective.

Key Words: international business negotiation  cultural dimensions  Hofstede

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关键词:国际商务谈判 文化差异 Hofstede

1 Introduction
With the advancement of the economic globalization, international economy and trade growth, negotiation has become an important part of trade activities. International trade negotiation is an inevitable step of the trade activities and cross-border activities, which frequently encounter cultural differences. Cultural differences may lead to conflicts and failure of negotiation, hence are getting more attention. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cultural backgrounds and differences of countries, so as to make a reasonable negotiation strategy. Consequently, learning the cultures among countries and getting familiar with the cultural differences in the trade activities are the guarantee for successful cross-cultural trade negotiation.

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