Study on the Bondage for Women from the Society from America’s Next Top Model
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In the history of the research of the women, the discuss on the female liberation is always the focal point of the research and discussion of all kinds of scholars. In the research of the female liberation for many feminists, they were in the works of the female liberation combining with the social environment where they were and they put forward their opinions on how to realize the liberation of women from their own positions. In the continuous development, the feminism came up with many different schools. However, theses schools have their own limitations. And with the development of the times, the women’s studies also have some new development. Nowadays, because of the freedom and development of the society, to some extent, the women have broken the bondage from some reasons. However, the women have not realized the true and complete liberation.

This thesis bases on the studying of the references about the female liberation and the women’s studies and analyses the background, the significance and the social influences of the program America’s Next Top Model which is a TV reality show full of feminine colors. After that, it chooses several examples from America’s Next Top Model and has the case analysis about the bound for women from the society in three aspects which are the bound from the religious faith, the bound from the family and emotion and the bound from the education background. After the analysis, the thesis gives some suggestions on how to realize the complete liberation and break the bound for women from the society, such as popularizing the idea of equality between men and women, the women themselves trying to change their images that existed in the inherent concept, the independent in economy and so on.

Key words: female liberation, bound, America’s Next Top Model, equality between men and women, women’s studies

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