Cars, Attachments and Architectures - A Study of Setting in The Reivers
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As the nineteenth novel of William Faulkner, The Reivers is narrated by Lucius’s grandfather, who recalls his experience of stealing a car when he was a child. This novel is particularly noteworthy in the detailed description of such setting as the living surroundings of the characters as well as objects possessed by them. This thesis analyzes the setting from three aspects: cars, attachments and architectures in The Reivers, and explores the contributions that the setting makes to the changes both philosophy and psychology in this novel.
Key words:  The Reivers, setting, car, attachments, architectures
1. Introduction -1
2. Demonstration 2
2.1 Cars as Setting -2
2.1.1 Car as the landscape 2
2.1.2 Car caught in Hell Creek 3
2.1.3 Juxtaposition of car and horse 4
2.2 Attachments as Setting -5
2.2.1 Clothes -5
2.2.2 Diamonds 6
2.2.3 Gold teeth 6
2.3 Architectures as Setting-7
2.3.1 McCaslin’s Camp -7
2.3.2 Dilapidated building 8
2.3.3 Village store -8
3. Conclusion 9
Works Cited -11
Bibliography 12

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