Study on the Practical Significance of Fairy Tale by Analyzing a Little Princess
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A little princess is generally viewed as one of the most important English fairy tale. It has been translated into many languages and adapted into many movies, teleplays and dramas. As one of the famous fairy tales, a little princess has great practical significance to people. Usually, fairy tale influences people from two aspects. First, fairy tale gives people aesthetic pleasure and sentiment edification with its vivid imagination, complex plots, and simple language. Reading fairy tale, people feel happy and hopeful. Second, fairy tale has rich educational meaning to people by advocating sincerity, kindness and beauty, and castigating falsehood, evil and ugliness. Reading fairy tale, people learn how to behave well and gain power to pursue success and happiness bravely. There are already a lot of researches about fairy tale and a little princess, yet few people have focused on the practical significance of fairy tale. This paper will analyze the significance of a little princess. It is argued that its significance is still enlightening to the contemporary society. This thesis contains five chapters. Chapter one, the introduction, mainly introduces the significance, motivation of writing this thesis, thesis claim and the outline. Chapter two is the literature review. In this chapter, the author gives a brief survey about a little princess and fairy tale. Chapter three analyzes the significance of a little princess by analyzing its main themes. Chapter four moves to talk about fairy tale’s practical significance in cultivating innovation, promoting success, upholding humanistic spirits and helping build a harmonious university. Based on the analysis in the previous chapters, it can be concluded that the pure fairy tale can make our world more beautiful and harmonious.

Key words: fairy tale, a Little Princess, aesthetic pleasure, imagination 

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