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“And” is one of the widely used words in English. The basic pragmatic function of “and” is used to express coordinate relationship. Some other pragmatic functions of “and” are often ignored by people. So this paper focuses on the pragmatic functions of “and” through Semantic degree. Instead of coordinate relationship, “and” also can express purposive function, causal function, conditional function, adverse function and so on. Through systemic induction and comprehensive analysis of the pragmatic functions of “and”, this study aims to deepen application and awareness of the high frequency word “and” in English and bring the pragmatic functions of “and” into play. Then people can improve their English speaking and writing skills.

Key words: and; pragmatic function; English

1 Introduction

In English, “and” is one of the widely used words. As a conjunction, “and” is used to link equivalent grammatical units, such as “Kate and Lucy”. The basic pragmatic function of “and” is to express coordinate relationship in English. “And” is usually translated into“和”, “同”, “又”, “并”, “加” and so on. But in many contexts, it is used to express some functions different from coordinate function. Many a scholar has devoted their energy into the study of “and” and brought out theories about it. For examples, Wang Chengfang(1994), in his thesis The Usage of “and”(AND用法浅谈), systematically analyzes the basic usage of “and”, and some special structures; While Niu Aiping(1995) focus on its function of linking content words. There are still many other scholars, namely, Wang Shuilian(2001), Yu Na(2006) et al. , who have done significant researches in this field and whose findings are all inspiring. However, some other pragmatic functions of “and” such as purposive function, causal function, conditional function, etc. are not within the attention of their researches.
This paper attempts to discuss pragmatic functions of “and”, with special concerns on the functions other than coordinate relationship. Pragmatic functions of "and" is a new field that help people learn completely about "and".


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