To Penetrate Contemporary College Student’s Pressure through University’s Desk Culture
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Desk Culture is an authentic and ordinary phenomenon at school. Different students write different things on desks to express themselves. Through observing and analyzing the content of those graffiti, we can feel the fresh and authentic emotions hidden in it. This paper tries to penetrate contemporary college student's stress through university's desk culture.

Two research approaches are: (1)Through consulting literature and making questionnaire investigation in Chongqing University, a clear definition of Desk Culture is presented and the features of Desk Culture are discussed in a clear and simple way. (2) By collecting the graffiti, drawings, message on the desk or wall of classroom, library, and the door of toilet, this paper tries to classify graffiti according to what kind stress it passes.

According to my research, Desk culture has five features. The form of Desk Culture is various, and the content of Desk Culture is surprisingly rich and colorful. It is common as most of the students are familiar with it. Desk Culture reflects students' emotions authentically and students show an open attitude to others, for students want to express themselves to others. These features are essential, because they make the stress discovered from Desk Culture believable. The stress revealed in Desk Culture has five sources. They are the stresses originating from love, academic study, applying for jobs, economic conditions and social interaction

Two suggestions are given in conclusion. First, I hope that everyone regards Desk Culture as a real existence in university, criticizing mildly and trying to understand the reason why Desk Culture is formed among students. For example, if one does it for he wants to release his overwhelming stress, more attention should be paid on helping him rather than criticizing his behavior. Secondly, in order to cope with the pressure students face nowadays, three things should be done. One is that students should be encouraged to release their stress and regulate their emotions by self-adjustment; another is that schools should set psychological subject and the third one is that schools should enrich students' life in after class activities.

Key words: college students, Desk Culture, stress

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