People Who Destroy Paul —The Analysis of Paul's Tragedy in Sons and Lovers
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Lawrence’s masterpiece Sons and Lovers is researched by many people. By describing the Paul’s hesitation among his mother Mrs. Morel, his girlfriend Miriam and his lover Clara, Lawrence proved that the complicated emotional world affected Paul’s love and his life. Through analysis of Paul’s life and relationships with others in the novel, this paper attempts to demonstrate that Lawrence the writer and his three female characters, Mrs. Morel, Clara and Miriam, destroyed Paul spiritually, which shows the inevitability of Paul’s tragedy.

Key words: Paul, relationship, love, tragedy

1. Introduction    1
2. Demonstration    2
2.1 The essential cause: Lawrence the writer -    2
2.1.1 The complicated family background -3
2.1.2 The Oedipus complex against his father -5
2.2 Mrs. Morel's maternal destruction over Paul's growth -7
2.2.1 The role as a mother-7
2.2.2 The role as a lover-8
2.3 Girlfriends’ spiritual destruction over Paul's love -10
2.3.1 Miriam: pursuing spiritual need -10
2.3.2 Clara: pursuing carnal need-11
3.Conclusion 12

Works Cited- 14
Bibliography    15

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